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The Modern Witch Tarot



Lisa Sterle breathes new life into the classic tarot.

With these extraordinary cards, artist Lisa Sterle has created a tarot for the modern woman.


For the modern society, in which – especially in the cities – a lively urban spirituality has been developing for years.


The motifs correspond to the classic Waite tarot, but show a completely new imagery.

The figures are self-confident, fun-loving women of all ages, skin colors and cultures.


They use cell phones, wear sexy dresses or sneakers, and ride motorcycles.

And yet we recognize the archetypes of the Major Arcana as well as the symbolic clues of all the cards.


The Modern Witch Tarot features female figures whose magic and strength radiate from their self-confidence,encouraging viewers to defy prejudices and fears and live their own strengths.


The accompanying texts in the booklet speak a modern language and encourage people to live a free,

individual life that is nevertheless integrated into society.


Contents: Hardcover 78 cards, booklet: approx. 144 pages





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