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Mystical Dreamworlds


Dreams act as gateways into another realm of our consciousness, where we see the invisible and comprehend the incomprehensible.

For this purpose, there are companions that help us understand the visions veiled in dreams.

The cards of this oracle deck show 32 mythological archetypes and power animals.

They guide us through the appropriate gateways and help us understand the messages our inner wisdom sends us.

Let the magical figures whisper stories to you. Feel the power of the guides that accompany you into your dream world and reveal to you what lies hidden deep within.



The motifs were drawn and colored by hand. Each card is made to glow by the shiny effects of the high quality gold foil stamping.

The cards can be used as a stand-alone deck or as a complement to the Tarot “Etheric Visions”.

Contents: 32 oracle cards and 80-page booklet

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