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Self Reflection - Bundle

Products in Worth of 89,80€ for just 80€


You get in this Bundle our Favorite Stone the Cerry Blossum Achat Point,

with the combination of Rose Quartz and Selenite to set the perfect harmonie for your Tarot Readings for Self  Care.


The amazing and Beutiful Tarot Ethereal Visions of Matt Hughes comes with this Bundle.


You also get a handpicked Incense Hesykia that is created to underline a positive connection between you the crsytals and the cards.


For helping you to manifest in your next goals in the reading you also get a handmade Full Moon Candle, a candle is always a must have tool during the Reading.


The Abalone shell is for your very own Palo Santo Stick that comes with the Pack.


*If you wanna burn Insence with chocroal in the Abalone shell be aware that without sand you will have burning marks in the shells surface,

to avoid that but a layer of sand in the middle of the shell. 


**Some Products in the Bundle are just exclusive available for this Pack.


For more Information read our Blog post about it!


Tarot 22€

Candle 14,95€

Handpicked Insence 14,95€

Cherry Blossum Achat 12€

Rose Quartz 6,90€

Selenite 3,60€

Palo Santo 2,50€

Abalone Shell 12,90


***Be aware that shape and size of  the Stone may vary from Picture!