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Ritual Salt – Clarity

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Product made by Chiara


Frankincense, rosemary and rock crystal pave you a way to see more clarity


Salt is a magical tool, it has been used for magical rituals before.
I prefer to use salts for candle spells, energetic cleansing before my spiritual practice and I also charge my water with the salt test tubes.


4 Ways to Use:


1. You can also charge your crystals with the salt by putting the salt in a bowl and placing your stones on top.
Let them soak up the energy overnight. (pay attention to which crystals are suitable for this).


2. Before a ritual I often cleanse myself with salt, it takes all the negative energies from my body and leaves my skin velvet soft.
A full bath or foot bath is also wonderful at new and full moon.

*Just make sure that you collect your crystals and give them back to mother earth.
I collect the small crystals, go into the garden and bury them under a tree.
With the sentence: “I give you back what belongs to you Mother Earth” I give the crystals back to the cycle.


3.  I love to energize my water:
To do this, fill your drinking water in a glass and dip your test tube in it, stir 3 times to the left or dip it in the water until you feel all the power of the herbs and crystals have passed into your water.


4.  For my spells, I like to use salt as protection & draw a small circle around my candle to protect it from negative energies.
I also use the small jars for my altar, not only do they look beautiful but they attract the energies I desire for my spiritual practice.


I am excited to see how you will use your salt.

Your Chiara:)

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