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Ritual Money Candle


Money Candle


The money candle belongs to the manifestation candles, it is green colored through and is suitable for money spells.
There are many types of money spells.
Just see which ritual attracts you the most.


Some info about the candle:


-Canola wax candle dyed through charged with Reiki energy.
-Cinnamon, calendula, incense & glitter.
-Sanctified with olive oil
-Burning time about 2 hours

Herbs, the candle can produce high flames.
-Out of reach of children, pets and flammable objects.

There is always a small edition of candles as they are cast according to lunar energy, Chiara’s own energy & astrological events, each candle is absolutely unique and does not exist a second time. They are poured with high quality canola wax & have a cotton wick.




-Thursday, Jupiter’s Day
-The waxing moon
-You will need for the spell : salt, cinnamon, coins & a note how much you want to manifest.
-Around your candle you draw a protective circle with salt & cinnamon. The coins are added to the candle
-On a piece of paper you write down how much you want & why.
The timing is also important, write everything down in as much detail as possible while the candle is burning & ignite the note on the candle. (Attention: at your own risk) you catch the ashes in a bowl & bury them in the ground.
-Let your intuition and your magic run free

In Chiara’s book Tarot & Green Magic you will also find another money spell.

If you would like to experience a ritual with detailed instructions tailored for you, book a candle ritual with Chiara.


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