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Ritual Candle Selflove




This solid colored ritual candle is just the thing for you if you want to deal with the topic: self-love.
The candle is high vibrating and assigned to your heart and sacral chakra.


Some info about candle:


-Canola wax candle dyed through with rose oil.
-Rose petals and rosemary
-Highly energetically charged with Reiki energy
-Salt for protection is integrated
-Burning time about 2 hours
-Caution due to the high energy and the herbs, the candle can produce high flames.
-out of reach of children, pets and flammable objects

There is always a small edition of candles, as they are cast according to lunar energy, Chiara’s own energy & astrological events, each candle is absolutely unique and does not exist a second time. They are poured with high quality canola wax & have a cotton wick.


Self-Love Ritual:

-Wrinkling Moon
-If your Venus is active – feel free to check your horoscope to see which zodiac sign your Venus is in.
-Or simply on a Friday, called Venus Day.
-Make it nice for yourself, your favorite drink, nice music or similar.
-arrange your place & incense with rose, incense, rosemary or other heart-opening herbs.
-Place the candle in a pot of earth and begin your own ritual.
-You can write, lay tarot cards, masturbate or read a nice book. Let your magic flow

If you would like to experience a ritual with detailed instructions tailored for you, book a candle ritual with Chiara.

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