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Self Love Ritual

Raise Vibration


Before we start, remember that there many ways to find a Ritual that fits your needs. These are just guidelines on how you can do it.


More importantly than following the rules is to trust your own Intuition. So, if you feel like mixing it up a bit, you absolutely can!

This self love spread gives you what you need to balance your chakras and reconnected with your soul.


Gather Your Resources

Here are a few things that can help you with this Ritual. 


You can choose how much or little of each items you want to use, based on what you want to achieve.

1.Crystals to protect
and cleanse

Crystals are the first items because they can help protect and cleanse you.


For the Self Love Ritual you can use a combination of Selenite, Black Tourmaline and Cherry Blossom Agate.


If you have Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian you can use this too.


You can also go by color white, light pink/green and black.


The white cleanses your chakras, pink/green open and reconnect you to the heart chakra and black  is for blocking negative energies.


Keep in mind that Crystals are used as an anchor.


2. Incense

The second object you can use for your Ritual/Reading is incense.


There are several Incense you can use ranging from Sage to Palo Santo and even Rosemary.


We also recommend the incense mixtures in our Shop. “hint hint”

Step 1

Set up a comfortable space, with the items you want to use. e.g. candles, crystals and incense.

Step 2

Turn on the binaural beats or relaxing sounds of your choosing to set the atmosphere.

Step 3

Once you’re in a comfortable position, focus first on your breathing to let go of your thoughts.

Slowly breath in and out 3 times focusing on your breath.

Step 4

Burn the incent of you choice.

Step 3​

When you are ready to set an intention for the reading, say it out loud.

For example: Show me a clear path to my “insert goal here”.

Step 6

Draw your Tarot Cards and start the reading.

Step 7

When you’re done with the reading you can swirl the incense smoke to close the Ritual.

Remember to thank the Cards for the Reading.

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