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How to burn Insence welcome to Gaia

How get the most out of your Incense

2 Ways to get the most out of your Incense​

Incense are the quintessential of any spiritual persons tool kit. 


They can be used for rituals to bring positive wants into your life, or they can be used to increase the overall ambience and smell in your home.


If you’re like me, you honestly enjoy a little bit of both. Let’s see how you could gain the most out of your incense.

Ritual Burning

Now I know what you might be thinking, but I promise, we wont be sacrificing any witches today.


Ritual burning simply means burning your incense with Charcoal.


This is commonly used for Rituals, like cleansing your house, cleansing your energy, setting intentions or Tarot Readings.


The “plus side” of burning with charcoal is that its fast burning and gives you enough smoke to perform your Ritual.


The “downside” is that some incense might not smell great when  burning at high temperature.

Keep in mind that incense don’t always have to smell good for the desired effect!

**TIPP: Put a layer of sand in-between your soap stone bowl and the coal, to prevent it from getting too hot!

For example, When charcoal is used directly on the Surface of an Abalone Shell (without sand) it will leave burning marks on your shell. Not cool!

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This is the slow burning option for those who want to fill their home with the pleasant smell without too much smoke.


With the warmer you can burn your favorite incense to give any room a cozy atmosphere plus gain the underlining benefits your incense.


If you want to get a little creative you can think of the energy you want to have unfold in the room.


There many design options for warmers you can get for your home.


Now, the “downside” is this won’t work well for rituals. 


You won’t get the thick smoke used for rituals, but it still smells amazing.


So it it really a downside? You decide.

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