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Chiara Chamomilla

Tarot | Rituale | Akasha Chronik

I am a Herb Witch at heart who creates Rituals that fit your specific needs based on your Tarot or Akasha chronicle reading. 

I hold myself to the standards of the Deutsche Tarot Verband.

Why Chiara Camomilla?

Chiara: That’s me in the picture 🙂

Chamomilla: means Chamomile in old Latin  – It’s one of the oldest healing herbs and is versatile in its use. Chamomile embodies a caring and motherly energy that is often referred to as the carrier of light.

How does it work?

Your Ritual using the Five elements


Our organism is made out of 80% water which represents our emotional balance.


Represented by the wick of the Candle and it brings all the Elements together and brings action.


The essential oils represent the (Mind).


Represented by the grounding Herbs that are found in the Candle.


The way we connect to each other. Your crystals will help you to stabilise that connection.

I'm here to answer
all your questions

My style of Tarot is a form of coaching that helps you uncover some of life’s more moving questions such as – what’s my life purpose, what does my soul need, how to know myself better and how to become a better me.

I will help you focus on your innermost self, to find the purpose and combination of strengths that make you unique.

Tarot cards are a powerful medium used since the 14th century as a spiritual tool for self reflection and enhancing our lives. It helps us make confident decisions, communicate subconscious desires, and take decisive action on our path.

It is not a tool to answer questions about other people.

This is not about revealing a predetermined destiny or giving specific timelines when things will occur.

Participation in counseling is voluntary and self-responsible. It requires an inner willingness for self-awareness, self-reflection and cooperation, but in no way replaces necessary medical, medical or therapeutic help. See in particular the judgment of the BVerfG of March 2, 2004 AZ: 1 BvR 784/03: http://www.bverfg.de/e/rk20040302_1bvr078403.html.

– There is no general entitlement to participate in the range of services. Chiara Tschierschke reserves the right to reject offers/registrations without giving reasons. 

– The service provider has signed a code of honor in the sense of the membership of the Tarot e.V.. This includes, among other things, the obligation not to answer questions regarding legal matters, gambling, health, questions about third parties not present and death. 

– The service provider assumes no guarantee and liability for the statements made in the sessions. A map picture only depicts the current situation and its development possibilities. Which path is chosen depends entirely on the decisions – in terms of free will and personal responsibility – of each service recipient. 

Data protection 

With regard to data protection concerning the personal data of the service recipient, the legal provisions according to the DSGVO apply. 


Both parties agree to maintain confidentiality regarding the contractual content as well as the content of the meetings held. In the event of a breach of this agreement and the resulting damage to one of the contracting parties, both parties have the right to legally enforce e.g. compensation for damages. By receiving this leaflet you agree to all contents on this document. 

Whats App Readings: by selecting the WhatsApp reading, the customer agrees that the map image and audio will be sent via this tool.

Upon receipt of payment, the customer will receive a detailed voice message and the corresponding map image within 3-4 business days.

Chiara Tschierschke
Leeswig 19
21635 Jork

Do not leave the candle unattended and follow the safety instructions according to EN 15494.

Place the candle on a fireproof base and remove the flowers as needed.

These are dried flowers which are flammable, please act on your own responsibility.

Chiara Tschierschke does not take any responsibility for mental, personal or any other kind of damage when using the candle.

The ritual candles do not replace medical or therapeutic help, even if it is described that it can be used against melancholy, this is not a promise of healing. 

The ritual candle should not be blown out unless the intention is to blow away.

Sand, earth or a wick extinguisher is better suited for this purpose.

Due to the different herbs, the candle may have higher flames, their burning time varies from 2-4 hours for the stick ritual candles and desire candles 16-18 hours, cut the hemp wick down to about 1cm before the first use.

The ritual candles are cast and charmed for a single theme and should burn down completely in one ritual.

Wish candles can be used for multiple rituals and can contain up to 3 themes.

Each candle is poured from organic canola wax, enchanted with herbs from the garden, enhanced with essential oils and charged with Reiki. Therefore, depending on the theme, your personalized candle may take up to 3 weeks to produce.

How long does the shipping take?

Since I take enough time for each candle including impulse starot, an order takes an average of 3 weeks. The candle is poured, hardened by and charged with Reiki, the ritual candles are additionally anointed, decorated.
Each candle again poured individually to its theme and the astrological aspect of the moon energy is always included.

Our users are Happy & Healthy

Liebe Chiara, ich danke dir von ganzen Herzen für deine wundervolle Tarot-Beratung 🙏🏻🥰Mit deiner einfühlsamen Art hast du genau die Themen in den Karten gesehen und angesprochen, die es zu bearbeiten gibt. Durch deine genauen Erklärungen und Erläuterungen konnte ich alles super verstehen. Ich habe mich gefühlt als würde ich dir gegenüber sitzen und du würdest in mich hineinschauen. Durch deine hilfreichen Tipps und Ratschlägen kann man sofort in die Bearbeitung seiner Themen gehen. Komplettiert wird das alles noch durch deine wundervollen Rituale und deine Ritualkerze .🙏🏻🥰Die du in so wundervoller Handarbeit selbst herstellst.💫💫 🙏🏻🥰🙏🏻 Eine liebevolles rundum Paket das ich jedem nur ans Herze legen kann 🥰🙏🏻🥰🙈🍀☀️💫🦋🌈

Branden Griffiths

Liebe Chiara, es war eine wundervolle Session bei dir. Die Tipps, die du mir im Vorfeld gegeben hast, fand ich sehr hilfreich und eine sehr gute Vorbereitung. Dass du eine Kombination aus Tarot-Karten, Reiki und den Einsatz von Edelsteinen genutzt hat, hat die Session noch holistischer gemacht und unterscheidet sich damit sehr positiv von reinen Reiki-Sessions. Du hast mir gesagt, dass Reiki noch nachwirken kann, ich also auch über die nächsten 36 Stunden noch Veränderungen spüren kann. In Form von Müdigkeit, aufgewühlt sein, … Und ich habe mich sehr über dein Angebot gefreut, dass du bei Fragen, die anschließend aufkommen können, sehr gern zur Verfügung stehst. Ich sende dir von Herzen ganz viel Dankbarkeit und bin immer noch ganz beseelt von der schönen Erfahrung bei dir! Ganz liebe Grüße


Die Reikibehandlung von Chiara war einfach magisch, anders kann ich es nicht beschreiben. Vor der Behandlung hat sie mir alles ganz in Ruhe erklärt und ich habe mich sehr gut aufgefangen gefühlt. Wir haben sowohl vorher als auch nach der Behandlung zusammen Karten gezogen, was eine total schöne Einführung und ein toller Ausklang der Behandlung war. Ich habe die Energie so sehr gespürt und im Nachgespräch hat mir Chiara erklärt, woran ich noch arbeiten darf. Ich danke dir für deine professionelle Art und freue mich schon auf die nächste Behandlung! 🌻

Emilia Munro

Make yourself a Cup of tea, get comfy and let us discover your soul's journey

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