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Chiara Chamomilla

Tarot | Rituale | Akasha Chronik

I am a Herb Witch at heart who creates Rituals that fit your specific needs based on your Tarot or Akasha chronicle reading. 

I hold myself to the standards of the Deutsche Tarot Verband.

Why Chiara Camomilla?

Chiara: That’s me in the picture 🙂

Chamomilla: means Chamomile in old Latin  – It’s one of the oldest healing herbs and is versatile in its use. Chamomile embodies a caring and motherly energy that is often referred to as the carrier of light.

How does it work?

Your Ritual using the Five elements


Our organism is made out of 80% water which represents our emotional balance.


Represented by the wick of the Candle and it brings all the Elements together and brings action.


The essential oils represent the (Mind).


Represented by the grounding Herbs that are found in the Candle.


The way we connect to each other. Your crystals will help you to stabilise that connection.

I'm here to answer
all your questions

My style of Tarot is a form of coaching that helps you uncover some of life’s more moving questions such as – what’s my life purpose, what does my soul need, how to know myself better and how to become a better me.

I will help you focus on your innermost self, to find the purpose and combination of strengths that make you unique.

Tarot cards are a powerful medium used since the 14th century as a spiritual tool for self reflection and enhancing our lives. It helps us make confident decisions, communicate subconscious desires, and take decisive action on our path.

It is not a tool to answer questions about other people.

This is not about revealing a predetermined destiny or giving specific timelines when things will occur.

Our users are Happy & Healthy

“Liebe Chiara, es war eine wundervolle Session bei dir. Die Tipps, die du mir im Vorfeld gegeben hast, fand ich sehr hilfreich und eine sehr gute Vorbereitung. Du hast mich sehr herzlich bei dir begrüßt, so dass ich mich direkt wohl gefühlt habe.”


“I love my dermatologist that I found on this app! She is very professional and it’s so easy to just chat or video call her whenever I need something!”

Emilia Munro

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Branden Griffiths

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