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Beaver Full Moon & Eclipse

As we entered the age of Aquarius, there are many changes that have to happen on a personal and a global level.
This Beaver Full Moon & Eclipse is the Start of one of many new Cycles.
These cycle is especially significant because it is about Political Change, it might influence people on a Private Level too, but not necessarily.
To find out more about if you’re affected by these Energies you can look at your Birth chart, which Houses or Planets are in Scorpio or Taurus these are effected.
When you don’t have your Birth chart go to astro.com, here you can make one for free.

Scorpio is the Sign of Transformation and Truth.
Its energy is the one that breaks systems apart to rebuild.
Taurus energy is sensual energy of Romantic and Peace; this sign can’t wait for World Peace but is also slow to change.
These two energies, two hit together in these Eclipses and the next to come, will be about transforming to gain the more Peace. These will make people speak up their Opinions and truths, for the bigger goal of finding Harmony.
But it will get very uncomfortable at first, these forceful contradicting energies are both in fixed signs. That also brings a lot of stubbornness, at first, it will be more like hitting a Brick wall.
On the Personal Level, this Full Moon is inviting you to ask yourself where you are too stubborn and where you need to let go.

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