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I am wealth, it is my natural condition. It allows me to express myself spiritually and creatively in this world.

Ace of Disks

The Ace of Disks represents the harmonic union between Body and Soul. 


By unifying our inner and outer selves we welcome greater richness into our lives.


If you pulled this card your either in need of grounding into the physical world or expanding  your consciousness into the spiritual realm.


It’s important that our inner and outer  selves cooperate with each other to create balance and harmony. 


Your body is the temple of your soul. The deeper you are grounded in your body, the deeper your roots are dug into the soil of the world, the more liberty your soul has to express itself.


This allows you to enter a new plane of consciousness and reach a new level of self discovery.


Sometimes we get deeply focused on the material world and ignore our souls calling. This often leaves us with a physical show of our success but inside we feel unsatisfied and empty.


On the other hand, poverty is not a representation of the souls expanded experience. You can be rich in wisdom without it translating to material wealth.


Finding a balance between these two, the inner and the outer,  is where true wealth will come from. 


TIP: Work on discovering your potential. Remain open to different forms of enrichment in your environment. 

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