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The universe is showing me the way to create the life that I want.

The Star

Enjoy the beauty of the process.

You may feel the rays of cosmic inspiration showing up in your life, turning your manifestations into material reality. 


It is quite easy to forget that the journey is more important than the destination.

Be fully open to input from the spiritual plane. 

Use the flows of your divine energy, pouring it into the things you want to see manifest on earth.

Allow your  moments or inspiration to bring clarity and purpose into those vague parts of your life.  

The power of inspiration you receive gives wings to your soul  and allows the impossible to manifest itself in marvelous ways.

A person lead by their creative intuition exudes a radiance that draws in others like bee’s to honey. 

However, be careful that your enthusiasms doesn’t turn into fanaticism. When the ego gets involved we lose the purity that comes from this stream of consciousness.

Observe your emotions and let them flow freely without trying to hold to much control over them.

TIP: Are your actions reflecting where you want to go? Take a step back and see if you are doing everything possible to bring your ideas to fruition.


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