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My Self confidence and self acceptance are the keys to my success.


Six of Disks

Have you been working on something privately or contemplating a new project?  Well now is the time to bring it to the public eye. 

Luck and success await you!

Plan things out thoroughly and be open to taking the necessary risks. They may lead to wonderful surprises or “happy accidents” you never thought possible.

Things do not always go as planned so remember to remain flexible and open to new and unexpected situations as they unfold.

Be open to the strong emotional energy that you might be feeling. You can use this energy to supercharge your motivation to see things through.

This is a great time for contemplation and meditation. Your inner depths hold many answers that need to come to the surface. Meditate on what success looks like for you and who you need to become to see it through.

Effective communication will be a cornerstone of your success. Express your ideas in a way that touches and inspires those you wish to get on board.

There will be challenges on the way, but by picking this card it is clear that you are ready to see your goals through with energy and endurance.

Success is on the way! You are about to get lucky and your inner transformation will pay off in physical manifestation.

Remember that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”- Seneca

Visualization exercise

How would you describe what success looks like for you?

Supercharge your luck and success:

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